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The Era of Non-Cash Payments

September 12,2017.

2017 is the 50th anniversary of the ATM. While according to the World Payment Report 2015, it indicates the growth at the rate of 7.6%for global non-cash payments in the Year of 2013. And the latest report by Ipsos concludes that Mobile Payment & E-Wallet in China is widely used. It demonstrates that only about 26% of the consumers carry the cashes but not more than RMB100. And around 14% do not carry cash at all.

It is the global trend that non-cash payments may take place of cash payments, which also leads to the popularity of the Mobile POS Terminals. As long as SIM card is inserted to the printer, or Wifi is available in the shops, it makes the mobile payment in a much easier way. Mobile POS Terminal works perfectly for Prepaid Recharge and Receipt Printout.

Examples as follows.

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