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Q 1: What are your printers / Android POS Terminals mainly used for?

A: Our printers / Android POS Terminals can work for restaurant online food takeaway / delivery, mobile topup, airtime recharge, mobile payment (cash in & cash out), utility bill payment (e.g. water, electricity, gas, etc.), lottery, parking tickets, etc.

N.B.: All terminals are customizable (OEM & ODM accepted).

Q 2: What connectivities / interfaces can your printers / Android POS Terminals support?

A: The printers are mainly working via Wifi, LAN, 4G, 3G, GPRS, SMS, USSD, STK, Bluetooth, USB, etc.

Q 3: Is a SIM card required for the printers / Android POS Terminal with Printers ?

A: It depends on the exact Model No(s).

For the printers that support Wifi or LAN, they can work without SIM card inserted. While for 4G/3G/GPRS/SMS Printers, the SIM card should be inserted.

Q 4: What language do the printers / Portable Android POS support?

A: The printers can support multiple language, e.g. English, Spanish, Arabic, Persian, Italian, Portuguese, French, Danish, Polish, Swedish, Vietnamese, German, Chinese, etc. (Customizable)

Q 5: Can the user design the printed layout?

A: Yes. We can offer the tool to DIY the printed format.

Q 6: Can the user design the company brand or logo on the printers / POS Android  Terminals?

A: Yes. Goodcom can offer the Logo Tool to DIY the logo, e.g. startup logo, idle screen logo, printed logo on receipt, physical logo on the terminals, etc.

Q 7: What is the warranty of the printer  / Android Mobile POS?

A: All terminals are with 1-year-warranty.

Q 8: Does GOODCOM offer after-sales service?

A: Yes. GOODCOM offers lifelong technical supports (e.g. online support, video, etc.).

Q 9: Which connectivies does Handheld Android POS Terminal support?

A: The Android POS Terminal is compatible with Wifi, 4G, 3G, GPRS, SMS, Bluetooth.

Q 10: How does your Android POS Terminal work?

A: The Android POS Terminal mainly works via receiving remote info. and print out the info. on receipt. It is usually via Android App.

Goodcom has designed various App that can be provided for our customers, e.g. restaurant online food delivery, parking ticketings, mobile top up, bus ticketing, lottery, etc. (Customizable)

Q 11: How to check the printer / POS Terminal firmware?

A: The printer firmware can be checked by restarting it. The firmware version will be prompted then.

Q 12: Can the printer / POS Terminal support REMOTELY updating firmware & configurations?

A: Yes.

Q 13: Is the SDK available for the Android POS Terminals?

A: Yes. SDK is available.

Q 14: Do you provide plugin for WordPress for online orders?

A: Yes. The free plugin for WordPress Woocommerce is available. The one for Wordpress WPPizza & Opencart is also available.

Q 15: What is the main differences between your Android POS and other suppliers' ?

A: My R & D Team has developed the Android POS to support bluetooth printing, cloud printing, clipboard printing, etc. If your Apps have supported any of the above, you can use

the Android POS for printing from your Apps directly - without further development.

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