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/Linux System Wifi Thermal Receipt Printer Comaptible with Wifi and LAN

Linux System Wifi Thermal Receipt Printer Comaptible with Wifi and LAN

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Product Item: Linux System Wifi Thermal Receipt Printer Comaptible with Wifi and LAN

Model: GT5000W

Wifi Thermal Receipt Printer is compatible with Wifi and LAN. As it is with Linux System, it is faster per the communication between printer and web server.

The firmware and configurations can be uploaded from web page or from your web server remotely.

Wifi Thermal Receipt Printer can work either via HTTP, HTTPS or POP3.


Wireless Receipt Printer

2) POP3:

Wifi Printer

Main Features:

    • with Linux OS

    • Easy & Simple in operation.

    • Standalone. No need to connect to PC.

    • The restaurant can accept and input the expetected delivery time or reject with reasons.

    • The printers can be branded with your company logo.

    • It can also set the number of copies for each receipt, e.g. 3 copies.

    • Firmware & configurations can be REMOTELY updated.

    • Multiple language supported in printer setting menu & printed receipt, e.g. English, Arabic, Persian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Danish, Swedish, Mexican, German, Russian, Polish, Slovak, Vietnamese, Chinese, Greek, etc.

    • 1-year-warranty

    • etc.

Connectivities: Wifi and LAN

Wifi Thermal Receipt Printer

Hardware/ software /Mechanical Items Technology standard
CPU Industrial ARM9 chip
Memory 256M FLASH,64M SDRAM
Display 128*64 pixels
Keyboard 24keys
OS Linux
Connectivity LAN, WIFI (optional), 3G/GPRSoptional
USB interface 2 Host USB port
Extensible equipment Code keyboard, USB keyboard, scanning reader, magcard reader, ICF/RFID 
Battery 1500mAh Li-Polymer battery, supports printing by battery supplied.
Dimensions 200mm*80mm*65mm
Weight ≈0.8kg
Power supply AC input voltage 90V~250V AC
Power adapter output DC 12V/2A
Application environment Operating temperature -10℃~40
Relative humidity 10%~95%
Atmospheric pressure 86~106kPa
Micro Printer  Printing method Thermal-line dot method
Paper Thermal roll paper (standard) 57*50m
Effective Printing area 48mm
Speed Maximum 70mm/sec(384 dot line/2.5ms)
Printing resolutions 8 dots/mm
Character  12*24dots
Number of columns 32columns/line
Printing head life Pulse resistance:100 million pulses/dot (under our standard conditions);
Abrasion resistance: paper traveling distance 50km (print ratio:25% or less)


Mobile topup, airtime recharge, mobile payment, restaurant online food delivery, logistics, lottery tickets, parking tickets, etc. (OEM & ODM)

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