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How Android POS Helps Car Parking

September 17,2019.

Android POS Terminal is of great help for car parking.

It can

- Set fixed prepaid price for parking for daily, weekly, monthly.

i.e. have rate option for weekly or monthly then ticket is generated. When customer comes everyday he present same ticket and it keeps reducing the days from number of calendar days in that month or selected number of days.
When the total days are finished customer can order for another option either weekly, monthly , day or hour rates.

- Can be set to have different price according to the varies of the hour.

- Can viewe history

- Can print reports

- Can check out by scanning QR code or inputing Serial No.

- Can set vehicle type, e.g. Car, Motorcycle.

- etc. (Any other features that you prefer, as the App is customizable).

You can also refer to the below video.

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