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Handheld Ticket Printer for Bus Tickets Printing

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Product Item: Handheld Ticket Printer for Bus Tickets Printing

Model: GT6000SW

Handheld Ticket Printer makes online food delivery much easier, because when the customers

order the food via your food ordering website or mobile APP, the order will be sent to the printer

where places in the restaurant or kitchen and be printed out right away.

It also saves GPRS data, bcs it can be connected with Wifi and receives information via Wifi.

Basically, Handheld Ticket Printer is working by receiving remote information from SMS Gateway, 

or communicate with web server and receive the response from web server. As it is compatible 

with Wifi, GPRS, SMS, USSD and STK, it is also workable for mobile top up, airtime recharge, mobile

payment, bus tickets, parking tickets, lottery, etc. 

Example for Bus Ticketing (Customizable)

handheld Ticket Printer

Connectvities: Wifi, GPRS, SMS, USSD, STK

For Wifi Mode, the SIM card is not required. 

While for  GPRS, SMS, USSD & STK, a SIM card should be inserted in the Handheld Ticket Printer.
With the SIM card, the Handheld Ticket Printer can receive remote order/ message via GPRS/SMS and print out automatically or manually. The  Handheld Ticket Printer can also send confirmation of order acceptance and send back to the sender's mobile phone or the server.
1) Wifi , GPRS mode: The Handheld Ticket Printer requires configuration to enable connection to the Wifi,  GPRS internet by setting up some parameters such as IP APN, GPRS Username and GPRS  Password. 

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The Handheld Ticket Printer can also work via POP3.

Wifi Printer
2) SMS mode:  The Handheld Ticket Printer will receive an SMS from the number you set or any other sender.

SMS Printer

3) STK mode: If the sim card is the STK sim card (SIM Tool Kit), the printer can work with STK when the sim card is inserted.

SMS Printer

4) USSD mode: The Handheld Ticket Printer can support USSD interaction & USSD printing if the sim card has supported USSD.

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Hardware/software/Mechanical Items Technology standard
Memory Flash:8MB  RAM:4MB
GSM modem SIM800
Display 128*64 pixels
Keyboard 21keys
Battery 1700mAh Li-ion battery, supports printing by battery supplied. Can be used for more than 96 hours in idle mode by battery supplied.
Developing environment OS of SIM800 for design
WIFI Maximum Output Power: 
802.11b: +16 +/- 2dBm
802.11g: +14 +/- 2dBm
802.11n: +13 +/- 2dBm
Minimum Receiver sensitivity:
802.11b:-93 dBm
802.11g:-85 dBm
802.11n:-82 dBm
2,412 -2,484 MHz
Security Mode: 
Security type:
Dimensions 202mm*90mm*57mm
Weight 0.43kg
Power supply AC input voltage 90V~250V AC
Power adapter output DC 12V/2A
Application environment Operating temperature -15℃55℃
Relative humidity 10%~95%
Environment noise ≤60dB(A)
Atmospheric pressure 86~106kPa
RF transmit frequency GSM850       824-849MHz
E-GSM900                 880-915MHz
 DCS1800                1710-1785MHz
 PCS1900                1850-1910MHz
Frequency stability <2.5ppm
Receiver sensitivity <-104dBm
GSM protocol ETSI GSM Phase 2+
Transmit power <2W(GSM,EGSM), <1W(DCS,PCS)
GSM parameters SIM card interface 1.8 & 3V
Antenna Internal,50Ω impedance,3dB gain
Micro Printer  Printing method Thermal-line dot method
Paper Thermal roll paper (standard) 57*50mm
Effective Printing area 48mm
Speed Maximum 70mm/sec(480 dot line/sec)
Printing resolutions 8 dots/mm
Character  12*24dots
Number of columns 32columns/line
Printing head life Pulse resistance:100 million pulses/dot (under our standard conditions);
Abrasion resistance: paper traveling distance 50km (print ratio:25% or less)


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