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Bus Tickets Printing



Bus Tickets Printing

Bus Tickets Printing

November 23,2021.

The printers can work for logistics, e.g. bus tickets, parking tickets, etc.

Steps as below.

1) User reloads the information of the bus routes to the device. e.g. departure, destination, ticket price, ticket type, etc.

2) The passenger goes to the bus station or ticket office to buy the ticket, and tell the conductor his destination.

3) The conductor selects the start station, destination, ticket type (e.g. adult, child, student, luggage, etc.), input/select the amount, and press OK to confirm the transaction.

4) A bus ticket with the information will be printed out from the printer.

5) The records can be uploaded to the server or exported to the computer.

POS Terminal with Printer for Bus ticketing

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