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Android POS Terminal

Practical Use Of Android POS Machine In Restaurants

December 18,2020.

1.Highly Customizable Experience

Android as a mobile operating system is known for its openness and flexibility, and it also allows developers to have more control over the software and application experience.

What this means for restaurants: The Android POS machine can provide an experience that is more suitable for the restaurant environment-and more customization options for each specific restaurant. The Android POS application can adapt the restaurant to its needs, rather than forcing the restaurant’s expected workflow to adapt to the workflow supported by the Apple application.

2.The Flexibility Of Hardware Dimensions

There are many types of Android pos machines. In terms of size, Android also uses small-sized devices such as 5-inch mobile phones, but it can be expanded to larger sizes.

What this means for restaurants: Again, it depends on the flexibility the restaurant provides to adapt the technology to its specific needs. Generally, various take-out shops or restaurants prefer a large-size appearance to fit a single screen as much as possible, so the staff can make selections faster. However, a full-service restaurant or bar will want to use small-sized products to maintain mobility and serve as many customers as possible without having to return to the central terminal or sacrifice functionality.

3.Durable Yet Affordable Hardware

We will cherish all kinds of equipment used in our own family. But the daily wear and tear of these devices in restaurants is very different from consumers' expected use of devices such as iPads. At the same time, Android pos manufacturer also focus on developing restaurant POS solutions that can withstand the test of time and destructive environments, while also being more affordable than other products.

What this means for restaurants: In the face of demanding restaurant environments, Android POS hardware is more reliable and is sometimes specifically built to handle extreme daily use. The most important thing is that Android tablets are much cheaper than Apple tablets, no matter when it is first installed or when replacing a dropped or damaged device.

There may be hundreds of things that can go wrong in a restaurant, but your technology shouldn’t be one of them. Your Android POS machine should be reliable, durable, affordable and most importantly built for the industry.

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