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  • Restaurant Online Food Delivery

    Restaurant Online Food Delivery
    People can place the food order via Mobile APP or website. When the printer receives the order, it can print it out. The kitchen or restaurant can accept the order and input the expected delivery time (e.g. 15 mins) or reject the order. N.B.: The pri...
  • Mobile Topup and Airtime Recharge

    Mobile Topup and Airtime Recharge
    The printers can be used for mobile topup and airtime recharge via GPRS, SMS, USSD and STK. And follows are two examples. The printers are customizable ( OEM & ODM ).
  • Mobile Payment (Cash In & Cash Out)

    Mobile Payment (Cash In & Cash Out)
    For Mobile Payment, it is also refer to Mobile Wallet, Mobile Cash, Cash in & Cash out.

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Xiamen GOODCOM Technology Co., Ltd

Founded in 2002, GOODCOM is a leading manufacturer that specializes in manufacturing, Researching & Designing POS Terminals and Wireless Printers, as well as versatile solutions. Over 15 years, we have gained an excellent experience in the manufacturing of various products, such as Android 4G POS Terminal, 3G POS Printer, Card Reader POS Terminal, Wi-Fi Printer, GPRS SMS Printer, Bluetooth Printer. GOODCOM strictly accords to ISO9001 international standards, and the products are tested and CE certified. All of our products are customizable (O E M and O D M accepted). As GOODCOM offers flexible and versatile POS solutions, we pride ourselv...
Wireless GPRS SMS Printer for Restaurant

Goodcom GT5000S Wireless GPRS SMS Printer for Restaurant Online Food Ordering

GPRS SMS Printer is usually used for restaurant online food delivery, online shopping, etc. As it is compatible with GPRS , SMS , USSD & STK , it is also workable for mobile top up, mobile payment, etc.

3G POS Terminal

Portable 3G POS Terminal with Built-in Printer Supports Remote Configurations

3G POS Terminal is customizable ( OEM & ODM). We offer technical support and after sales service.

Wireless POS Terminal

Handheld Wireless POS Terminal for Airtime Topup and Mobile Recharge

Wireless POS Terminal mainly fits for airtime topup, mobile recharge, restaurant online food delivery, lottery, bill payment, bus tickets, mobile payment, etc. Wireless POS Terminal can work with GPRS, SMS, USSD, STK

POS with Card Readers

Mobile POS with Card Readers for Vendor Prepaid Allocation

Mobile POS with Card Readers can support magnetic / magstrip card, smart card (e.g. IC card), NFC, RFID, etc.

3G Wireless Printer

Mobile Receipt Printer 3G Wireless Printer Supports Multiple Language

3G Wireless Printer is compatible with Wifi, 3G, GPRS, SMS, USSD and STK. OEM & ODM accepted. 3G Wireless Printer is with 1-year-warranty.

Handheld Ticket Printer

Handheld Ticket Printer for Bus Tickets Printing

Handheld Ticket Printer can work for various applications and we offer technical and after sales supports.

Mobile Bluetooth Printer

58mm Mobile Bluetooth Printer for Android and iOS Tablet and Smartphone

Mobile Bluetooth Printer supports bluetooth, USB, RS232. Mobile Bluetooth Printer is mainly workable for Android and iOS smartphone and tablet.

Handheld Bluetooth Thermal Printer

Handheld Bluetooth Thermal Printer for iOS and Android

Handheld Bluetooth Thermal Printer can work with both iOS and Android. It is also workable with Windows.

Mobile GSM SMS Printer

Mobile GSM SMS Printer for Printing Texts Supports GPRS and SMS

Mobile GSM SMS Printer is a small printer that looks simple but supports GPRS and SMS. Even though it is without LCD screen, it can support accepting / rejecting orders.

Airtime Vending Machine

Airtime Vending Machine GPRS POS Terminal with Magnetic Card Readers

Airtime Vending Machine is the POS that supports reading magnetic cards and sends the data to web server or SMS gateway. This POS is also usually working for airtime topup, bcs it supports USSD mode.

Handheld Android POS Terminal with Printer with SDK

Handheld Android POS Terminal with Printer with SDK

Android POS Terminal is compatible with Wifi, 4G, 3G, GPRS, SMS, Bluetooth. The Android POS Terminal is with built-in thermal printer.

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