3G Wireless Printer



Q 1: What are your printers mainly used for?

A: restaurant online food takeaway / delivery, mobile topup, airtime recharge, mobile payment (cash in & cash out), utility bill payment (e.g. water, electricity, gas, etc.), lottery, parking tickets, etc.

Q 2: What connectivities / interfaces can your printers support?

A: The printers are mainly working via Wifi, LAN, 3G, GPRS, SMS, USSD, STK, Bluetooth, USB, etc.

Q 3: Should a SIM card required for the printers?

A: It depends on the exact Model No(s).

For the printers that support Wifi or LAN, they can work without SIM card inserted. While for 4G/3G/GPRS/SMS Printers, the SIM card should be inserted.

Q 4: What language do the printers support?

A: The printers can support multiple language, e.g. English, Spanish, Arabic, Persian, Italian, Portuguese, French, Danish, Polish, Swedish, Vietnamese, German, Chinese, etc. (Customizable)

Q 5: Can the user design the printed layout?

A: Yes. We can offer the tool to DIY the printed format.

Q 6: What is the warranty of the printer?

A: 1 year

Q 7: How to check the printer firmware?

A: The printer firmware can be checked by restarting it. The firmware version will be prompted then.

Q 8: Can the printer support REMOTELY updating firmware & configurations?

A: Yes.

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